The Meaning of Blog

Here's what to expect from this blog, the height of mediocrity.

If you have been writing for years, been professionally trained , are frequently published and serve as adjunct professor at any school, anywhere, any grade, then get outta here! This blog will bore the pants (bohemian skirt, bow tie, ballet flats) right off of you. But if you think Strunk and White's The Elements of Style is about scarf tying; then this is the hangout for you.

Although I've been around the block, up the down staircase and through the wood (turned out to be just a bad patch of poison ivy) I am new to this huge world of the word. Oh sure, I can write a note to my husband about the pigs that got into the wrong pasture last night, but I have so much to learn about writing real prose.

But, I am committed to learning all that I must to succeed in this field. So, if you are in the same spot, tag along. Remember though to keep those expectations low. That way we've got no where to go but UP.


  1. Less of the 'Not Much' Donna O'Shaughnessy. You are a writer, You are going to succeed.

  2. Hi Donna of course you are going to be a writer. You are a writer! Glad to read you are on your way to become successful.